About PiSight

PiSight is a financial technology company incorporated in Singapore, founded with the aim to help people take control of their financial world. Our solutions are designed to provide you with a complete picture of your wealth and steer you towards greater savings and financial discipline.

Our flagship product, PiMoney, is an innovative solution harnessing the best of technology to help you manage your finances in an easy, convenient and secure manner.

​​PiSight - with you on every step towards your financial independence.


how PiSight works

Too many account statements? Upload and see them all in one place on PiMoney today.

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PiMoney is one of the few platforms in Asia that allows retail users to aggregate their savings, loans, credit cards and investments all in one place.

PiMoney interacts with all the top banks, brokerages and credit card companies in Singapore, UK, Hong Kong, India and Australia via an encrypted secure channel. Now just add your accounts on PiMoney and relax while PiMoney does all the hard work to consolidate all your financial information in one place.

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Automatically categorise your expenses into labels that make sense to you. PiMoney will also remember your preferences so that you don’t have to spend time repeatedly sorting your expenses.

You can also set and track smart monthly budgets with just one click to see how much and where you’re spending on. Get alerts when you’re close to busting your budget.

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Struggling to save for your first home? Planning for retirement?

Create goals that matter and track your contributions so that you reach them sooner. Get reminded if you fall behind,and congratulated when you’re ahead of your targeted deadline.

With PiMoney, you’re now one step closer to achieving your dreams.

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Awesome features of PiMoney App

Organise your finances all in one place by having a complete overview of your bank accounts, credit cards, loans and investments. Add your accounts and get the complete picture in minutes. Each time you login onto PiMoney, your details will be automatically refreshed with single click.

Track where your money is going through automatic categorisation of your spending into simple groups such as grocery, bills, restaurants and travel. Change and add new categories to make PiMoney personalised for you. PiMoney remembers your preferences in future so you spend less time sorting them out.

Analyse your expenses in detail and see trends such as Top 3 Expenses and your spending against budgets for previous months. PiMoney also shows you consolidated earnings and compares with your expenses to automatically calculate savings so you don’t have to.

Create smart budgets for each of the expense categories and PiMoney automatically tracks your expenses for these categories. This way, you can manage how much and where you are spending each month.

Create financial goals for your future and regularly save towards these goals. Track your contributions towards these goals and get alerts if you are lagging behind. This way, you can be more certain about your future.

Consolidate your investment portfolio and see a summary sorted by institutions, asset categories and security names. PiMoney shows your profits/losses up to date both at a consolidated level and at individual asset level. You’ll now be empowered to make smarter investment decisions.


PiSight, PiMoney Security features

We never ask for any personal identity-related information and do not store any such information either

Trusted Technology

Your information is encrypted at all times using up to 256-bit SSL encryption, the latest technology used by leading financial institutions to protect customer information. We also work with third party security agencies to maintain the strongest security features on a regular basis.

Multi-factor authentication

Rather than just a simple login and password mechanism, we also validate who you are by asking you to enter a one time password sent to your registered email.