Managing finances was never this easy

Know where your money is going

See your transactions from bank statements automatically sorted into meaningful categories with merchant names. You no longer need to spend hours figuring out which merchants your money went to.

Know where you are spending

See a summary of your expenses sorted by intuitive categories to know where and what you are spending on.

Am I spending too much?

Pull up charts within a particular category to show how much you’ve been spending, and whether you need to control your expenses.

Customise it to your life!

You can change the merchant names and categories to what you will remember and recognise, and even add your own expense categories. PiMoney’s smart engine remembers your preferences so that you don’t have to.

Add tag and notes

Make it more personal by adding tags and notes for each expense to help you recall important details whenever you need them.

Split your expenses

Now you don’t have to analyse shopping bills or keep track of shared expenses. PiMoney lets you split expenses into as many transactions as you want.